Bringing Lincoln to Life

For over 30 years, George Buss has entertained and educated a variety of audiences with his engaging portrayal of our nation’s 16th president – Abraham Lincoln. Equal parts enthusiast and history buff, George is passionate about the part. His look, his delivery, and his knowledge truly capture the essence of “Honest Abe.”

From small-town elementary school classrooms to national stages, George Buss uses his vast resources to customize a perfect presentation for every audience. Now, you can share Lincoln’s legacy at your group or event.

Buss, Check according to his website, is a retired teacher and made his debut as an Honest Abe impersonator in 1986 and often entertains as the historic president in “small-town elementary school classrooms.”

George A. Buss is well known for portraying the 16th president in mock Lincoln-Douglas debates up-and-down the state line. The Freeport man would also visit schools to create a customized presentation of “Honest Abe.”



“No one brings Abraham Lincoln to life more brilliantly. George Buss is a national treasure.”

– Harold Holzer, Lincoln scholar and chairman, Lincoln Bicentennial Commission

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